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Unit Pack Power Lithium 52V 20Ah EBike Battery - Waterproof

Unit Pack Power Lithium 52V 20Ah EBike Battery - Waterproof

SKU: 284215376135191

Unit Pack Power 52V 20Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Is suitable for 500-1500W motors. Great as a rear rack battery or used in electric go-carts or other projects such as a solar ebike. Easily stackable.

40A Battery Management System (BMS) protection board helps prevent: overcharge over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit.

XT60 Connectors

The battery driven range is about 50km-80km with moderate peddling. This distance is affected by: driving speed, load weight, power, wind and road conditions.

Waterproof PVC cover

Size: 260mmx160mmx70mm

FST Grade A 2500 mAh


3A Safe Charger Included

This battery has passed UL, CE, MSDS, RoHS and other safety certifications. Each lithium battery has passed QC appearance and functional tests before leaving the factory.

This lithium ebike battery has more than 800 charging cycles and then expected 80% of original power. Charging costs 10-12 cents per charge.


    Model # DO34

    Waterproof Battery

    52V 20Ah

    40A BMS for 500W-1500W Motor

    Grade A 2500mah Lithium Cells

    58.8V 2.5A Charger

    XT60 Connectors


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    One Year Factory Warranty on the Battery

    Battery service is located in California.


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    UPS Shipping 5-10 Business Days

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