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Unit Pack Power Lithium 52V 20Ah 40A BMS EBike Battery Triangle

Unit Pack Power Lithium 52V 20Ah 40A BMS EBike Battery Triangle

SKU: 632835642834572

Unit Pack Power 52V 20Ah Triangle Lithium Battery has a fantastic 1040 watt hour capacity and is suitable for 500 to 1500W motors. It is built with high quality grade A lithium cells. The battery is covered in a solid plastic casing which prevents damage from from the bumps of daily use. Battery cycle life is up to 800 cycles. After 800 cycles it drops to 80%. Package contains: Triangle Ebike Battery with USB Port, 58.8V 2.5A Battery Charger, User Manual, 10 Velcro Straps and XT60 Connectors.


The built in 40A Battery Management System (BMS) ensures the safe use of the battery. The battery can be recharged to 100% in 8 hours. You can typically ride about 45-90 km with some peddling. An USB port is included for charging a phone or other device. A great convenience when on a long ride. Velcro staps stabilize the battery from three angles. It fits well in the bike frame and the battery is stable on the bike while riding. This is a great choice for riders who want more watt hours and longer rides.


    Model U004

    Triangle Battery 52V 20Ah

    40A Battery Management System (BMS) for up to 1500W Motor

    Grade A 2500mah Lithium Cells

    58.8V 2.5A Charger

    Anderson Connectors


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    1 Year Factory Warranty on the Battery

    Warranty work is in California so no need to worry about overseas shipments.


    Free Shipping and Free Home Delivery!

    Shipping by UPS and is usually 5-10 business days

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