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LG 4800 48V 19.2 Ah Downtube

LG 4800 48V 19.2 Ah Downtube

The newest edition of quality batteries from battery manufacturers, Unit Pack Power. Ebike Winnipeg is able to offer this battery at a great price with the help of Unit Pack Power.

Size is 365mm x 110mm x 90mm

921.6 Watt Hours of power


This years batteries are more powerful, have a stronger charger and stronger BMS protection. Suitable for 48V/52V 0-1500W ebike motors.


LG 4800 mAh 21700 cells give you the best battery that money can buy at a great price. One year warranty on the battery.


XT60 Connectors

UBS 5V cell charger

Lock and 2 keys

Water bottle mount and hardware

On/Off Switch

1000 Cycles

37-66 km of range using different levels of peddle assist

Battery level indicator lights



4.6kg (10.14 lbs)

54.6V 3A Safe Charger Turns off after charging.

4800 mAh LG cells

21700 Tesla designed cells

Hailong S039-3

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